Traditional Japanese Pattern

$12.99 NZD

Design Tabi Socks 

They were developed to wear with sandals and wooden clogs called geta. Tabi Socks, or split-toe socks, have been worn in Japan since the sixteenth century, reaching their peak popularity during the Edo period. These Japanese Pattern Socks are a special place for your big toe. 

Lots of people wear tabi socks martial artists practicing aikido or karate, taiko drummers, Suzuki actors, and traditional Japanese folk dancers, just to name a few. According to Shiatsu theory, wearing tabi socks benefits the back, the spine, and digestion due to the acupuncture meridians located between the toes. 


  • Cotton: 74% 
  • Polyester: 19%  
  • Elastodiene: 6% 
  • Elastane: 1%

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