Orange Power Socks

$12.99 NZD

Fashion Crew Socks

Colourful socks are an expression of a rider's personality conveyed through a wide range of technology and functionality details. We offers premium performance socks to suit a variety of rider preferences. Material is blended cotton and breathable, reinforced heel and toes for durability, extra tall for added comfort under knee protection. 

Unlike cheaper high rise socks that only support at the cuff, our socks support your entire calf and feet for more comfortable walking, working, or working out; in fact, athletes say they like how the plush instep prevents chafing, and hard-working men say their feet feel great, even after long hours of carrying heavy loads. 


  • Cotton: 74% 
  • Polyester: 19%  
  • Elastodiene: 6% 
  • Elastane: 1%

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