Napoléon Art Socks

$12.99 NZD

The Napoleon Bonaparte Socks have thick ribbing, which provides a secure fit, as well as they, are cushioned for maximum comfort. These socks not only meet most quality standards but exceed anything that our competitors can offer. Can show your friends and relatives that you care about them, for whatever reason. These napoleon socks are a perfect gift for your father, dad, son, grandpa, uncle, nephew, cousin, brother, or friend. Whether these are a birthday, special event, holiday, Christmas, anniversary, graduation, baby shower, or just a kind gesture, these adult men’s royal winter animal socks make an excellent present for lovers of Napoléon Art.


  • Cotton: 74% 
  • Polyester: 19%  
  • Elastodiene: 6% 
  • Elastane: 1%

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